Hi, my name is Courtney.

I'm a freelance Product Designer with a communication background delivering end-to-end UX/UI design for software products.
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my skills

What I Do Best

Research & Direction


Flexible Design Process

Goal Oriented & Organized

Research & Direction

I take time to understand a company's vision and mission statement, blend it with research on their target audience and analyze their competitors before beginning any part of the design. The result makes their company look unique, relevant to their clients, user-friendly and on top of website design trends.

Stakeholder Management

I have a knack for quickly understanding stakeholder needs, navigating through potentially contradictory expectations, and using creative means to answer questions before they appear. I use my broad experience to speak to different stakeholders in the different ways they understand

Flexible Design Process

My design process is flexible and adaptable to whatever the project constraints are. I've worked on a diverse range of timelines and project limitations. Regardless of the constraints, the game plan is always to understand what the problem is, make sure we are solving the right problems, address primary use cases, and incorporate some form of testing.

Goal Oriented & Organized

I always think  about big picture goals without losing sight of tactical details. I  maximize time and energy by mapping out potential issues before meetings with clients so our conversations are constructive and efficient. Being highly organized helps me adapt to shifting priorities or unexpected challenges that may arise over the course of a project.

My Work

In-depth case studies with user research, wireframing, prototyping, animated visuals, and style kits for responsive site designs, mobile designs and web.

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Coming Soon...

Working on some super cool secret stuff.
UX Research, UX/UI Design
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Reporting & Data Visualization Dashboard

Introducing data visualization and streamline reporting process for local nonprofit
UX Research, UX/UI Design
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iOS Mobile App Concept

Developed mobile app experience for new social app
UX Research, UX/UI Design
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Kuoni App Feature

Feature Integration

Enhancing personal travel management through  dashboard
UX Research, UX/UI Design
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Responsive e-Commerce Design & Branding

Full website design and branding for clothing company
UX Research, UX/UI Design, Branding
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what i do

Visual Design, UX Research, and Webflow Design

Things to know about me:

  • I enjoy puzzles and figuring out how things fit together to make a bigger picture. I apply this to my life and my designs, making design systems that work seamlessly.
  • I’m strong at communicating design - verbally and visually.
  • I embrace experimentation, provide rapid revisions, and not afraid to be wrong.
  • I’m personable and love a good laugh.

Tools I'm proficient in:

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Webflow Designer
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Creative Suite
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